Sally Boyd gave me a 2 hour reading about 6 weeks ago. The information she provided me with has been deeply helpful and helped me have confidence in my gifts. I felt recognized and it helped me reclaim parts of myself that I had forgotten. Sally comes from a place of integrity and love. You are incredibly blessed to have found her.

Lisa Bolton   

I have never had an astrology reading and I was so amazed in how Sally hit on so much in my life! She explained how she was reading the signs, chart and lines in my chart and what they meant in my life. I am still in shock how on point she was! She did go on to mention a things for my future and I am excited to see if they happen!(I believe they will!) I also received a reading for my husband and she mentioned three major events in his life when he was growing up that were life shifting. It was true! He lost his mother, brother and home all before the age of 16. If you have never had an astrology reading I highly recommend Sally. I truly trust her abilities and her intuitiveness. At the end she pulled a card for me and I broke down in tears it was a card with a peacock picture on it and it was so significant for me because the peacock is a symbol between my life long best friend who passed away two years ago and me. Sally was so easy to open up to and talk to during my reading. I feel she went above and beyond not to mention I truly feel blessed by her reading and will do it again!


I have never really followed Astrology that much. Yes, of course, I knew what my sign was but that was the extent. I had never had a reading or really thought too much of it. I have had an overwhelming difficult year: full of deaths, changes in career, moving, health scares, unprecedented arguments with my spouse / friends / family, etc. I have always been very spiritual and steadfast in prayer, but I just got curious about what else I could learn (and hopeful of a silver lining of when things would get back to normal). I stumbled across Activated Astrology and thought, "what the heck?"
I was truly shocked at how accurate not only my personality/chart reading was, but how Sally was able to articulate certain trials that I have faced that no one knew. Everyone could easily find my dad's unexpected death by a quick Google Search on my name, so I figured we would focus on that. Not even close!
One of my characteristics is that I am secretive. I had never really thought this was the case, as I like to project that I am an open book. However, I do have some things I hold close to the vest that no one knows. She not only predicted these with precision, but she helped me focus on ways to navigate through the rough patches. She also told me when the stars would adjust and I should feel some relief. I was blown away by how she knew dates that all of these hardships started. If I wasn't so secretive, I would share the bombshell she dropped on me, but (if you are ever going to trust an online review, trust this)- there was no way she could have known the event, the key players, the timeline and how they were all connected.

I am now a believer in things that are written in the stars. I also felt like I had almost a therapy like session with Sally. She was open, nonjudgmental, kind, warm and you can tell she is really passionate about helping others navigate the good and tough times of their lives. Would definitely recommend to others.

Kelly Percic