Why Astrology?

The question is answered if you have a deep longing  to understand the clarity of yourself. Do you strive to know why you repeat old patterns with money and relationships? Are you constantly reminding yourself that you have to forgive yourself for simply being who you are naturally? Did something happen in the past that you can't seem to get over and it is still affecting you?  Are you in a transitional phase and you want to negotiate this time with grace and ease?  Are you looking to grow spiritually? Enhance your intuition or other talents? Understanding how God laid out the constellations at the time of your birth will answer a plethora of information for you and truly help you define your soul's purpose!

Sally Boyd

The Prescriptive Intuitive Astrologer

Equine Astrology

Interpretation of an Equine Natal Chart  can aid buyers in the selection of a new horse for a particular discipline or performance enhancement. It can help predict the temperament and athleticism, and work ethic of the equine as well. Phases of the Moon are observed by many in breeding programs.  I tend to look at the placement of Jupiter and Venus and what aspects and planets are in certain houses.  I can also provide a synastry chart between you and your your equine to determine if you are a winning match!

What To Expect

You will find several offerings from a variety of Readings to Workshops and Custom Comprehensive Activation Packages.    In a Reading, I will highlight the extraordinary aspects that make your heavenly blueprint so unique to you! Here I will divulge into what makes you tick, turns you on and off and how you can tune in to get the most out of certain situations.   In Group Workshops you will find that together will dissect your natal chart to answer any questions you may have about repetitive patterns you have noticed in your life. In Custom Comprehensive Activation Packages you and I will customize and focus on key areas that you are committed to forging a shift with! Relationships, career, stage fright, enhancing talents, rage, grief, wealth... just about anything you can think of can be address with my program.  You are right for the program, or you would not be here.  I am not easy to find! There are no mistakes.  You already have it going on, this is just the next step to clarity and enhancement.  It is time to up your game and love life to the fullest as you understand that you were created perfectly by our Creator for your soul purpose!

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