You would be hard pressed to find any good ole boy who would dispute the relevance of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. This publication originated in 1793 as a guide for astronomical events and forecasting weather, guiding when to plant and harvest etc. If we admit there is an effect on the earth, plant life, and water, because of the phases of the Sun, Moon, and planets, doesn’t it only make sense to assume that those planets would influence on all living beings?

I have noticed that my animals act differently depending on the phase of the moon. I have several horses, each one has such a different character, appetite, work ethic, sensitivities etc. Therefore, I communicate differently with each horse and have a different connection with each one. It is apparent that one of my horses has the heart and ability to be remarkable. The others…. Well not so much. They are here for the groceries and the scratches and to mow the pasture. This made me start to wonder, what gives a horse that winning edge? It can’t be just breeding or training. There are way too many horses out there that are bred specifically for a winner that don’t cut the mustard. (Don’t get me started on that subject!) To have a winning horse in any discipline, jumping, cutting, speed events, endurance, roping, whatever, I believe you must also have a horse with a heart and the stars just may play a bigger role than we think!

Out of the Gate

I love the races! I adore this time of year, the Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont, all creating the American Triple Crown! There is nothing like the sound of thunder coming down the stretch. I love the backstory of the horses, their owners, trainers, jockey’s and even the farms where they were born and raised. I decided to look up Secretariat’s birthday to see his natal chart and I also did some investigation on where the planets were the day of the 1973 Triple Crown. Was there any indication of why this single legendary horse might have been born for greatest? Before I give you my slant on this, I will say that most trainers/horsemen and women say you are not supposed to put human emotions on a horse. I will try to refrain from using human interpretations. It is my view that astrology is a language created with spirit in mind to explain the divine blueprint of our Beloved Creator.

Secretariat nicknamed “Big Red” was born just after midnight on a horse farm in Doswell, VA on March 30, 1970. A large handsome chestnut colt with 3 white socks and a star on his forehead. This American Thoroughbred certainly had breeding, as his sire Bold Ruler was known for speed and stamina, winning the Preakness Stakes and was the Horse of the Year in 1957. The fortune of this horse’s breeding to Dam Somethingroyal was that of pure luck for the owner Penny Tweedy. Jupiter was clearly in great placement! Secretariat was bred under a foal sharing agreement and no cash was exchanged. Penny the owner of Somethingroyal would lose a coin toss in 1969, giving her the second foal of the agreement in 1970. Phipps the owner of the Sire Bold Ruler won the 1969 filly The Bride which never won a race.

Secretariat was the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years, setting speed records in all three races! His time still stands for the 1 1/4 mile at Churchill Downs and his record for the 1 ½ mile stands as the American record for dirt at the Belmont Stakes (the day he won the Triple Crown).

A Star is Born!

Secretariat was born with the purpose of setting the world on FIRE with an Aries stellium at the Mid Heaven Point! NOW… this is where I could get all technical and lose you, so let’s just say, he had a whole bunch of planets all at high noon at the time he was born. Most of them were right on top of one another within just a few degrees. When this happens, the planets take on the characteristics of each other and become extremely powerful! Red’s Sun (Life Force) Mercury (intellect) Venus (love and adoration) and Saturn ((discipline and Life Lessons) were all in Aries at the Mid Heaven Point! All of these planets are in the 10th house of Career & Status. This amazing planetary alignment made this horse top dog.

If you are at all familiar with horses you know that most of them are born in March, April, May. That would make most of our equine friends Pieces, Aries, Taurus or Gemini. However, just because you have an Aries horse, doesn’t mean they would have this kind of chart.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire Sign, it is the Warrior! The great energy force! It is ruled by Mars, the energy planet. Secretariat had a remarkable 5 planets in Fire and 4 were Cardinal in mode! If he was a person, his parents would have spent a great deal of time with athletic coaches to direct his physical energy appropriately. Aries energy must be directed, otherwise the parents would have gone broke paying for emergency room visits and lawyers later in life! Nope! Secretariat was born to be an Athlete! I can’t help but think that his unbelievable stamina was not only a reflection of the athletic nature of Aries, but a major challenge this fiery sign faces… they don’t know when to STOP!

Was it Luck? Maybe just hard work?

Big Red’s Saturn (the disciplinarian) placement was at home in the 10th house of careers and status as it is the ruler. I suppose the earth influence of Saturn/Capricorn kept him from internal combustion. I bet this horse must have had a great work ethic. Saturn doesn’t like slackers! He also had Jupiter (the planet of Luck and expansion) in the 4th house of Family. I would speculate there was loads of luck from the many offspring he produced. Jupiter was opposite Saturn. People (maybe equines) with this aspect focus on the loses more than the wins, but they usually have the discipline to pull themselves up by the horseshoes and make something of themselves. In his first race Big Red came in 4th, for the remaining eight starts of his career he finished first.

Rising and Moon

Just for fun, the Rising sign is where your soul aspires to be. The ascendant or rising sign is just as important for a human as your sun sign. Secretariat’s rising sign was Cancer. Cancer is the homebody, the nurturer, the healer and all about families. Red only ran for a little over a year of his life. The rest of his time was spent at the farm making babies. Right? The moon sign is the emotional body. His moon was Capricorn in the 6th house of perfection, refinement and service. This would indicate he was practical and not extremely sensitive in nature. Moon in the 6th house shows up in stomach issues, I wonder if he was prone to colic? He was put down due to Laminitis which is a painful disease/condition of the hoof.

Aspects and Other Planetary Highlights

Planets, depending on the degree of distance between them, and their placement can be beneficial or challenging. They can provide a cake walk or a tough row to hoe. Red had a challenging Cardinal T square with the moon in Capricorn at the focal point, however, this only served to give him focus. Sun-square -moon, explains the whole non-present father thing and the mother weaning abandonment issue. These individuals can have a hard time finding meaningful relationships. On the bright side, Neptune (planet of Illusions and Dreams) was in the 5th house of Entertainment, Children and Love Affairs. Secretariat’s Trainers and handlers said he was a prankster, and a fun character with a great deal of charisma! Clearly, he was a source of great entertainment for millions. AND… what can I say? He loved the ladies! He was paid to spread his seed! Mars, trine Pluto makes a strong-willed sucker! They will do just about anything to succeed with pure determination. They are also sexy in spades and very intense! I bet he was hung like a horse! Come on that was funny!

June 9th, 1973

The Day of The Triple Crown

The moon was in a waxing phase meaning it was gaining strength. There were 5, count’em 5 planets in AIR! What does air do to fire? You got it combust! In fact, there was a beautiful Grand Trine in air between those planets with Uranus (planet of eccentrics) in his 11th house of revolutionary movement, eccentrics and fools (Uranus rules risks, surprises and gambling btw!), Jupiter (planet of Luck and Expansion) in the 3rd house of communication and the Sun/Saturn (life force and life lessons) conjunct in the 7th house of relationships/partnerships. If a child would have been born on this day would have been extremely lucky, gifted and intelligent! Although, it would have been hard to keep him grounded, but non the less! What a day for Penny Tweedy, Ron Turcotte (jockey) and Secretariat’s entourage! So if you are headed to the track or looking for a winning horse (whatever that means to you) perhaps you should learn how to read an astrological chart for the inside scoop? (Or you could always hire me for my 2 cents)!

Sally Boyd
May 23, 2018
Special Thanks to Dee Brown!

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