How do you respond when the crap hits the fan? Where the moon was at the time of your birth will surely tell us! The moon is our emotional body. It determines how we express our feelings. Some astrologers say it is mainly how you deal with stress; however, I believe it is also how we express love, joy, sadness and all the other fuzzies we humans have.

The Elements

If your moon is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), you are very intuitive. You have gut feelings. Give yourself permission to cry, it will calm you down. Watery moon people need to retreat and be alone, however, some will crawl in a hole and never come out! Be careful!
Emotional Airheads (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) These people must talk about their feelings and express the way they were hurt or how much they love. There is a fine line between expressing your feelings and shoving them away with words so as NOT to feel. You must learn to do both for a healthy emotional state.
Grounded earthy signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) Thank God the rest of us have you! You are the voice of reason! We can depend on you t be practical! Wait! There is one small issue… your emotions are often ignored. Practice paying attention to your emotions, it does not make you weak.
Fiery Moon (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) is impulsive and can be like a ticking time bomb. You are going to explode! The best thing you can do for your emotional body is to learn three simple words… I AM SORRY. Also remember that you were put here to stick up for the underdog.


Where is your Moon?

Your astrologer will address this placement in your reading. Here is a quick rundown of each of the houses and how the placement of the Moon will affect your emotions.

1st House -You might get your feelings hurt or be quick to anger. You are an emotional warrior!
2nd House – Your emotions are grounded and stable, thanks for holding space for all of us.
3rd House – Journaling will be your best friend! You need validation of your feelings talk it out! (I know, I am one)
4th House – Family is the most important thing for you! If you don’t have blood family choose your own.
5th House – Attention HOG! Ha-ha! You should be a Thespian!
6th House – Staying healthy and hanging out with women will keep you well adjusted!
7th House – As long as you can talk about your feelings you can stay balanced, which is very important.
8th House – You live on the dark side, it does not scare you. Your emotions are a secret that you keep to yourself most of the time.
9th House – You stay of the Sunnyside of the Moon! When upset you will tend to lean into spirituality.
10th House – Work is an emotional feel for you. You love to study why people feel the way they do.
11th House – You can cut the emotions out easily. You are very intuitive.
12th House – Dream a little dream! It helps you process!

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