Starfire Astrology

The pivotal decisions that we make on a daily basis regarding home, family, love, and business can be very stressful and demand our full attention. Sometimes we procrastinate when making choices because we want to stay in the correct lane.  The fear of an unfortunate collision with life can be debilitating. The minutia of our daily lives can be overwhelming.  The planets affect us differently, and individually on a day to day basis.  Our moods and those of others are constantly in flux, so doesn’t it make sense that the planets are playing a role in the how and when of life?

Do you find yourself in conflict or worry about those that are closest to you?  Sometimes, employees, friends, significant others, children or parents can be a source of conflict, but you are not sure why there is so much tension or lack of communication.

Starfire is a program for you and up to 3 additional people! Perhaps you would like to have help with employees or coworkers, a spouse, or your children?  I gotcha covered!  You can have personal access to Activated Astrology, Sally Boyd and her colleagues 6 days a week!

I can help you operate your life with ease and purpose.  I will work with you to seize the opportune time to make that presentation, move, or deal with life-changing transitions. Even if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening and need some guidance I can assist.  I have guided many, many people through cycles of grief, loss, and transition and more.  I can help you too!

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Cart/Money as Service

Readings and Interpretations

These astrology readings are fun and entertaining! Who knows you might learn something about a loved one, yourself or become your own life coach! As with any astrological reading you must know exact birthdates, times and place. Services can be done in person, online or over the phone. Recordings will be provided of each session. Be sure and scroll down for information about team building!

Natal Birth Chart Reading

This is the foundation. If you have never had a reading, your natal chart will confirm major life turning events, pivotal relationships, personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses! After a good reading, you will walk away with an enormous feeling of …. “OH, that is why……!” Although I am not a predictive astrologer, I will point out times to sit still and times to seize!

Synastry Reading

Romantic, Parental, Friendships or Professional Relationships will benefit from the art of a synastry chart. I meld your 2 Natal Charts together to create a combined chart which will tell where all of the beauty and the tension will lie in your relationship. Communication the thing I find speaks to synastry the most! I would never enter into any serious business or personal relationship again without this! This is actually 3 readings! in 1. Lots of Fun!

Equine Astrology

Readings are based on birth data. Equine must have birthdate and location. Horses with no birth data cannot have an accurate natal chart reading. This may be done with any animal, I speak horse!  Are you looking for a particular horse? Wanting to purchase or put a horse in training and don’t know which way to go? An Equine Natal Chart will lay out everything from breed potential to the type of trainer will get the best response. If Jupiter is in the right placement you might have a money maker! Moon in a particular place you have an easy keeper. This goes deep! Very helpful for equine professionals and those of us that love them so much!


Get Your Soul On!
These are customized guidance programs ranging in length from 3 months to 1 year.

90 Days to Clarity!

Custom Pricing

We will start will your natal chart, digging deep into your goals, hang-ups, talents and the aspects that make you so amazing. There will be honest heart to hearts about who you are and where you want to be. We make a plan on 2 areas to work on. Includes 1 synastry chart and 2 calls per month for 90 days. The clarity you will have on the way you process, love and treat yourself will change your life!

180 to Turn Your Life Around!

Custom Pricing

The Natal Chart is the Foundation here, but with this, I also include a Natal chart of a child, mother, lover, employer etc. I also include 2 synastry charts. If you have Money or creative blocks, stage fright or perhaps your timing always seems off. Learning how to work with your natal chart will turn life around! We will make a real plan to get real results and if you are as committed as I am … you will be peaceful and bountiful in your true soul’s purpose!

Group Workshops & Corporate Team Building, Private Parties

Groups of any size love and find this so informative! Available in person or online.

Energy Snergy

Depending on the group, the amount of time and your budget, I will teach you how to interpret your own charts and give each other many readings! Each participant will get a private reading from myself or one of my team. Family reunions, Wedding parties, charity events this is a perfect addition!

Mercury – Communication Team Builder


Every HR person in the world should have to take this Team Builder! This is the most amazing tool you will ever come across with regard to communicating with your teammates! Mercury is the planet of intellect and communication! Where is was on the day you were born determines how you react when stressed. Everyone will get a mini reading and have a great time getting clarity on how others tick! This can be customized to be a long or short program depending on the size of the group.