There are so many views about astrology and horoscopes.  Many folks just plain think it is the devils hand work.  I on the other hand feel quite the opposite.  I have always had a close relationship with Christ.  I have certainly felt separated from God at certain times in my life, but I have come to realize that separation was not real.  Divine was there the entire time.  This I know.  I also know deep, deep within my soul that he created each and everyone of us as well, as the heavens and the earth as it is said.

My dear friend and mentor Dee, has been one of the most influential people in my life. She recently took on a personal quest of reading and going into an in depth study of the Bible.  Thus far she is at Exodus.  The report is in.  ” At this point God’s only problem with astrologers was prediction.  That is His department.” Dee says.   I would say this is a fair account.  If we have free will anything can change at any moment anyway.  On the other hand if it is in God’s Plan it is going to happen… right? I don’t believe we are to know everything.  We all have intuition, but that is for another blog.

Consider the Moon and the affect it has on earth?  What does it do to Water? How much what are we made of? Farmers Almanac started by Benjamin Franklin has been a necessary household tool for years.  I wonder how many farmers say astrology is devils work, but plant crops by the phases of the moon?

The understanding of the function of planets and stars can be amazingly pivotal when it comes to how we deal with stress, challenges, enhancing opportunities, relationships, fears, addictions, communication and so much more.

Our creator is so amazing! He did not leave one thing to chance!  Learn about your personal birth chart.  You can do so, with the Date, Time and Place of your birth.  You will be astounded at the blueprint of your soul.

Blessings   Sally

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